rebels with a cause

We’re a charity that wants to make a positive difference to the lives of care experienced people. 

We believe that positive change can’t happen without them leading it. There’s no experience like living it.

unlocking ideas
sharing power
building bridges

A bridge between lived experiences and organisations. We’re focused on making the care system, and by extension the community, more equitable  by ensuring it’s representative of those it serves.

We’re friendly disruptors, critical friends, and, hopefully, catalysts for meaningful change.

unlocking ideas

we co-create tools with our community, to help those who’ve experienced the care system to safefully and powerfully share own ideas for a better future.

Everyone should have a real say in decisions affecting their lives

sharing power

we help organisations listen to the real experts: those with lived experience.

Effective listening is challenging but vital; we guide organisations throught the process.

building bridges

our community needs spaces for us, by us. We create spaces for dialogue, skill-sharing, and action, beyond the system language.

Our community is diverse and spans multiple sectors.

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ProjectChange is a registered charity SC050599​

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