partnership projects

Here, you’ll discover the wealth of initiatives where ProjectChange has joined forces with various organisations to amplify impact. Each project represents our core value of collaboration, showcasing our dedication to working hand in hand with others to create meaningful change.

facilitating voices training

The ‘Facilitating Voice’ training, a result of the collaboration between ProjectChange and The Promise Scotland, is a fun and engaging online training experience offered monthly. Currently, it stands as the only training available to Promise Design School Participants on such a regular basis, marking ProjectChange as a leading partner in helping organisations keep the Promise.

The training explorers how it can feel to be a participant, teaching individuals tools and techniques they can use when working when any group of people, looking to facilitate their voices. We explore unconscious bias, lived experienced, safe sharing, and asymmetric information sharing to cover a few.

In the near future, organisations will also be given the opportunity to book this training themselves, adding a layer of convenience and flexibility to this invaluable resource. By making this training accessible online and regularly available, ProjectChange is ensuring that the tools and techniques needed to engage with and value young peoples voices are within easy reach for all interested organisations. This, in turn, contributes to Scotland’s promise of ensuring every child grows up loved, safe, and respected.

a.i. and co-design

ProjectChange and Young Scot are embarking on an innovative collaboration, aimed at investigating how AI chatbots can amplify the understanding and application of co-design within the third sector in Scotland. This partnership is rooted in their mutual vision that individuals, especially young people, should be actively involved in addressing key issues. By utilising AI chatbots, they aim to create a platform for immediate, accessible communication that fosters a deeper understanding of co-design processes integral to the sector. 

It presents an exciting opportunity for organisations to involve a more diverse range of voices, particularly young voices, in the co-creation of solutions. Ultimately, this aligns with ProjectChange’s and Young Scot’s shared commitment to modernise practices within the sector, promoting an inclusive, efficient, and progressive service design that truly reflects the needs and aspirations of Scotland’s communities.

care experience and justice

information coming soon

growth mind-set in schools

The aim of this project is to enhance the experience of to care experienced individuals in schools. Central to our role in this project is supporting effective reaching out to these young people, ensuring that their voices are heard and their unique experiences are acknowledged.

Another fundamental part of this initiative involves identifying the primary supporters of these young people – the individuals who play crucial roles in their lives. We aim to delve deeper into understanding who these supporters are, their relationship with the care-experienced individuals, and how their roles can be optimised for the benefit of the young people they support.

The ultimate objective of this collaborative project is to empower these supporters with the skills to foster a growth mindset. By enhancing these skills, we can provide a more supportive, encouraging environment for care experienced individuals to thrive and succeed.

growth mind-set in care

information coming soon

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